Summer Camp



Summer Camp 2023 STARTS Monday, June 26th and ENDS on Friday, August 18th.  Our camp runs Monday through Friday from 9am-3pm at the Harding Elementary School Gym (you can drop off as early as 8am Only IF/When NEEDED).  We also have access to the cafeteria, auditorium, and playground areas. There is a 5 minute grace time at the end of the day (3pm) after which any remaining children will be walked to After Care.

*Camp will be closed Monday July 3rd & Tuesday July 4th in observance of Independence Day & will resume on Wednesday July 5th.



Our after care runs Monday - Friday from 3pm-6:30pm at the Kenilworth Recreation Center.  The Children must be enrolled in the Day Camp in order to attend the After Care program.  The children walk with the counselors from the school to the Rec, its about 3-4 blocks away.



Day Camp: $75.00 per child for 5 days or $45.00 per child for 3 days  After Care: $40.00 per child for 5 days or $24.00 per child for 3 days.  To register Please Click Here



Camp is for children going into Kindergarten through children going into 7th grade.  




Our Goal/Purpose for the Kenilworth Recreation Summer Camp is to provide for the social, mental, and physical growth of the camper.  This is done through a variety of activities in a safe and fun environment.  We are here to help the children to engage in activities with their peers and learn new skills under the supervision of the counselors.



We have reinvented how our daily routine runs.  We have structured activities in the morning for each group and the activity depends on the day. Activities are STEAM, Sports, Crafts, Relays, Team Building Exercises etc.  Our afternoons are camper’s choice/free play.  All of our activities are subject to change based on weather conditions.  



Keep in mind that campers are in the sun and heat for a large portion of the day.  It is imperative that parents send campers with enough water for the entire day!  When packing your child’s lunch, remember to put an ice pack inside.  Refrigeration is NOT available nor is heating up food.  Also, apply sun block and send sun block with your child should you feel necessary.  DON’T FORGET A TOWEL!  Please mark ALL ITEMS clearly with your child’s name.




Payments Will Not be Accepted at the Camp.  If payments need to be made in person they will have to be done at the Tax Office in Borough Hall between 9am & 4pm - you will need your child's name week/dates/days attending along with your payment. Pre-registration at the Rec Center for this would be best so a receipt can be provided to give with your payment.  All Payments & Registrations are processed online, regardless of how you pay, so if you do not currently have a Community Pass account you must create one prior to being able to register and make any payments.



Being we allow our campers to attend on a week to week basis ALL Online Payments must be made by Friday for the upcoming week. Attendance for the week gets printed every Sunday, if your payment has not been received it will be assumed your child is not attending camp for the pending week and he/she will not be on the sign-in sheet. 



You can pay for as many weeks in advance as you wish with the understanding that days CAN NOT be carried over.   All payments go directly into paying the camp counselors and towards camp supplies.  We do not offer refunds or reimbursements for any summer camp payments so please be sure of your schedule before signing your child/children up for any particular week(s).



iPods, iPads, handheld video games ie: Nintendo Switch cell phones, etc. are strictly prohibited from camp.  If any child is found with one it will be taken away and returned to the parent upon picking up your child.  Unfortunately, too many problems have stemmed from these devices and we must have a Zero tolerance policy.  DO NOT send any valuable items to camp - jewelry, games, purses, toys.  Should your child/children bring toys they are solely the responsibility of the child if it gets lost, stolen, or broken there is nothing we can do as it is a rule that they not be brought to camp.


Children must wear sneakers every day to participate in sports & other activities - No sandals, flip-flops, or crocks permitted. Bring Lunch Monday-Thursday; Friday the Rec will supply lunch & ice pops but please bring plenty of water/juice daily (Fridays included) to keep the children hydrated. Bring a Towel & Water Shoes Every Day - depending on the weather, we may bring the hose out on severely hot days Be sure to pack Sun Block Daily - the children spend a majority of their day in the sun, protection is paramount.




  1. Be respectful of all counselors & other campers
  2. We are all friends here, we treat each other with compassion, understanding, and kindness
  3. All campers MUST be checked in and out with a designated counselor each day of camp by parent, guardian, or other pre designated person (must be named on release form)
  4. No foul language will be tolerated
  5. All playground equipment must be used properly ie; a bat is for hitting baseballs or softballs, not each other & not used as weapons.
  6. All camp supplies must be used properly and respected ie; board games, crafts, sports equipment etc.
  7. Absolutely no electronics allowed at camp – should your child bring one it must be left in their backpacks until the end of the day.  If we see it we will confiscate it until the end of the day when they are picked up.

Please take the time to review, and properly explain these rules with your child/children.



  • 1st offense –  Verbal Warning 
  • 2nd offense – Time Out Loss  
  • 3rd offense –  Loss of an Activity & Call to Parent
  • 4th offense –  Loss of Camp Privileges

NOTE:  Any aggressive, violent, or destructive behavior may result in skipping these steps and involve immediate removal of the child from camp.