Homework Club



THE IDEAHomework club was put together for 6th, 7th, and 8th graders to come do their homework, hang out, and unwind from their day.  It's a great way for them to feel safe and comfortable until Mom, Dad, or Guardian get home from work.  Should any of the children need help, it will always be available to them.  


HOW IT WORKSParents register their child monthly with the understanding that we will be there for them every day from 2pm-6:30pm on full days, and 11:00am-6:30pm on half days. Registration also includes the 1/2 days, all day and on the not so popular holidays ie: Columbus Day, president's day; snow days if safe enough that parent's have to work, teacher's conventions.  Spring and Winter breaks, when applicable, are an additional fee. 


TUTORINGSometimes children need a little extra help!  If there is a subject or specific area you believe your child suffers in, we will gladly help them to better understand what they are learning or find a peer tutor who may better assist.


FRIENDSHIPSThe children in our group have a unique opportunity to mingle with children they might not ordinarily be friends with.  In the Rec environment we have found that the children get to know one another, help each other out with homework problems, and play games together once their work is completed. These are the types of things that can help build life long friendships and well rounded individuals.


THE BONDHomework Club kids also form a very special bond with the Rec Center.  It becomes like a home away from home, where they feel safe, comfortable to be themselves, and free to speak their minds and talk about any kind of problems, trouble, or feelings they may be having.  It's like having a second family.



Registration is required to participate in our softball program.  All registrations are done through Community Pass.  Cost is $200.00 per month per child (additional fees are required when/if we open for spring & winter breaks).  Prices are subject to change year to year.  To Register Please Click Here