HITTING THE COURT: Our Basketball program is offered to both boys & girls ranging from grades K through 8th.  Home base where both practices and games are held is Harding Elementary School Gym.  It runs from late fall, with practices starting after Thanksgiving, through late winter with games beginning in early January, typically ends early March.


OUR UNIFORMS: We believe uniforms are super important to the kids. They help to build the children's confidence in themselves and the team, solidifies that they are a part of something bigger than themselves. The fees we charge help to offset the cost of the uniforms, and referees; The children do get to keep the uniforms after the season is over. In future seasons we will be looking for team sponsors to help aid in cost as well as help our local businesses with hopes of creating greater participation and a tighter knit community.


BOYS & GIRLS GRADES K-1: This is the only level where both boys and girls play together.  Clinic is geared towards teaching the basics of basketball. Grades K-1 play together learning how to dribble and shoot.


BOYS & GIRLS GRADES 2: Instructional is for Grades 2-3; they get split into teams to play games learn the rules of the court, and what it is to work together to be a cohesive unit. They will play other teams and there will be some travel.  It's a great program and the children really have a lot of fun together.


BOYS & GIRLS GRADES 4-5: At this level the boys and girls get separated into their own teams. We will have anywhere from 2-4 teams of boys, and of girls. This level is where the real games begin.  The children will not only play against their peers, but also against other towns - there will be travel involved at this level. These games are so much fun to watch and see how the kids develop not only their basketball skills, but their ability to take direction from both the coaches and referees, work as a team, even clear communication and leadership skills.  The transformation in some of these children is rather incredible to see.



BOYS & GIRLS GRADES 6-8: This level is very similar to the Minors as far as how the teams are split between the boys teams and girls teams. There is travels involved with these teams as well.  By the time the children get to this level they have truly honed their skills, learned their strengths, and earned their positions on the team.  These boys and girls play with much more passion, intensity, and love for the sport. The games are quite exciting to watch!!



Registration is required to participate in our softball program.  All registrations are done through Community Pass.  



Clinic K-2 is $50.00 per child, 3-5 & 6-8 $75.00 per child. Prices are subject to change year to year.  

To Register Please Click Here


BE MINDFUL OF OUR YOUNG ONES: So often it is forgotten that they are just kids and the this is a Rec sport.  Not made to be super competitive, the goal is for the kids to learn and have fun doing it.  Parents and spectators should not be yelling from the side lines at the children, coaches, or referees.  By all means cheer the kids on just be mindful of those around you.


OUR TINY FANS: We understand the younger brothers and sisters want to come watch the games, or sometimes there are no alternatives.  It is imperative that parents keep a watchful eye.  Children running across the court in the middle of a game and running around on the side lines is way too dangerous, we wouldn't want anyone to get hurt.  Bring something for them to do like coloring or a handheld electronic game so they are happily occupied while our players are on the court.


HELP KEEP THINGS CLEAN: Many fans bring food/snacks and drinks while watching our games and we are all for it.  Please, be sure that when the games are over to take a look around.  If you see any empty bottles or wrappers lying around, pick them up, toss them out, treat it like home.  Any help in this area is greatly appreciated by not only the Rec Members but also the School.


KEEPING THE FLOW: When games are over, please be sure to gather all belongings and make room for the next players and fans to easily come in and get settled.  But before you go maybe congratulate the kids, thank a coach or a ref - they worked their hearts out for a good game!